Thursday, February 03, 2011

Ponied Baby off Joy today and went on a little ride up the road, fairly uneventful except my mare is a spazz and needs to be worked more then once a week, Dani handled everything fine, she is sooooooo level headed, her biggest concern is whether she will get cookie and some scratches. Joy spooked at the same tree she always does and had to be first through the gate (and knocked my knee off the pole) and ran up a snowbank because she was bored. I worked her a little in the "arena" and am kinda wondering when she transformed from a silly poneh into a workaholic, sometime during this summer she went "ohh I want to do transitions and carry myself through circles", I think it was about the time she developed her neck. I have now decided horses develop necks when they are mentally mature, not from proper work or anything.

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