Thursday, April 14, 2011

Despite a killer headache and a mild fever I still managed to get a ride in today. We did the two mile loop in the park, Joy was excellent, quick off my leg and responsive. I am lucky to have such nice trails so close, they are nicely rolling hills for most of it and not too rocky so great for getting a horse in shape. She stays fit fairly easy though and takes a lot to make her sweat, generally only happens if she is nervous so she might make a good endurance horse. Today she was hot hot hot but in her normal "lets go!" way and not in a pissy "I hate everything especially you because I am not doing what I want" way.

Dear Clinic Organizers,
You said on the application that you would be posting the clinic schedule and ride times on April 14th, It is now April 14th and I have checked your website more times then I care to admit for fear of looking obsessive and unbalanced. Please post the ride times soon or I might cry and/or spend the rest of the day checking your website and feeling sad.
Love, The Only Slightly Obsessive Person Who Will Hopefully Enjoy Your Clinic.

Both boys are napping and the pressure cooker is going, so dinner before eight, which is better then yesterday. I love my pressure cooker! I can forget all about making dinner all day and then throw some random hunk of frozen meat in it, dump in a few veggies and dinner happens. So cool.

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