Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good weekend

It is hot again! yesterday was a scorcher but we still got tons done, got my corner posts set for the arena and a lot of pasture weed whipped.We had a lot to do since it rained everyday last week! But pasture maintenance got me thinking about boarding I have friend who have had nightmare experiences with boarding, on both ends. Horse people tend to be absolutely great or crazy avoid like the plague. As much as I love having my horses home, There are advantages both ways. Biggest thing is when you have limited time you often have to sacrifice ride time for care time.

I was lucky enough to board with some really awesome people before I got my own place, the first place I had Joy was a boarding and lesson barn, some of my friends had issues getting the barn owner to do extra feedings and such but it worked out fine for us since I was working off my board and spent a lot of there, Joy was happy in the big fields. The next place I took her to was a friend's farm and that worked out awesome, this friend has a really nice, small setup, with a great barn and safe pasture. I was super happy to leave Joy in the hands of such a knowledgeable and capable horse person, I felt totally comfortable with everything even when I was several states away, in West Virginia.

In other news I went trail riding with eventing friends Sunday, It was super fun! I really had a great time and Joy was a good girl despite some minor teleporting.We rode to the river, it was super high from all the rain we have been having and felt so nice after a hot sweaty ride. I love riding with eventers (at least these ones) since they can ride and we can do all the things I love such as gallop up hills, they don't yell at me if my horse spooks and don't randomly tale off without saying anything. Eventing friend brought me a present, Joy boots! so we are basically set for a show if I can scrounge a vest. Very exciting!

I should have done my outside stuff this morning, when it wasn't crazy hot. I swear my brain has fallen out I keep going to do something, forgetting what I am doing in the middle and wandering around. It is supposed to be up to 90 today, blergh.

I should go get Popsicles :)

River pic from last year :)

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