Saturday, June 11, 2011

Do I keep my critters or do they keep me?

I went to bed last night with both dogs and the cat cuddled up and woke up to both dogs and the cat cuddled up :)

I have always been an animal person, as far back as I could remember I have been fascinated by four leggers (and two and no leggers sometimes as well), I think I probably relate to them better then I do most people.

The incomparable Miss Sadie and I

When I was really little I either wanted to be a marine biologist, a ballerina or a horse rider. In a misguided attempt to make me more enthusiastic about my math work, my Mom told me how marine biologist have to know lots and lots of math. So I discarded that dream and lost interest in Ballet (due to my complete lack of skillz), so really there is only one course of action for me. I also have an innate understanding of horses, I just get what they are doing and why.
Little Ruth and lamb
 We currently have two dogs and a cat inside, often a couple bunnies as well. I got asked once why I had indoor pets since they are always shedding and made messes. Some people just don't get it. Animals really enrich your life in so many ways and if I have to vacuum a little more often and put up with dog hair it is so worth it.

I finished painting the bedroom, it is now a soft lilac colour with light gold curtains, I am very pleased with how bright it is now even if I can't lift my arms above my head any more. I spent some time today shopping here for pictures to put up. I am thinking this one above the bed, the artist is Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, she has such beautiful work, After getting the Shadowscape tarot deck I have been longing to get some of prints to hang up, really having trouble figuring out which ones to get.

The bathroom looks sweet, the green has grown on me, especially after lightening up the ceiling slightly and adding some gold accents. I painted the metal fixtures and handles gold and made a window dressing type thing out of some fabric left over from my Green Fairy Costume. I will take pictures after my camera comes home.
Green Fairy costume at Melissa's Halloween wedding.
I am so ready for Joe to be home, I have been keeping busy but I miss him.

Going to trail ride this evening, it is finally less hot out and not miserable to ride in. I also need to change the chicken bedding again, smelly blighters. There is one chick that isn't growing, I call him midgy chick, he looks normal but is just tinytinytiny, it is very odd.

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