Tuesday, July 26, 2011

in which computers suck and I whine

Empty house today, I celebrated by reading trashy novels, surfing the internet in my jammies and not feeding critters until noon. The only useful thing I have done today is shower and that was due to extreme stinkyness. For breakfast I ate two bowls of captain crunch and drank coffee, I felt weird so I ate the left over (from like Friday) Chinese food and some "buttered" "toast". Now I need more coffee becauseI feel icky.
I was highly considering going to the mall to buy slutty underwear but then realized the mall is full of people, and buying things and spending money. All things I don't like (except for the getting new things, I like that, have you seen my huge book/shoe/yarn/clothing/glitter collections?)

I tried to order candle stuff yesterday and after huge deliberations (over an hour!) over what to get I finally ordered and the fucking virus population on the computer freaked out and wouldn't let me, they don't want me to be happy. So off to the library again to try and order stuff but now I am all second guessy like what do I know about candle making, I feel like I am just gonna order a bunch of supplies and then ruin them. I hate hate hate that our computer is fucked, I really am a fan of ordering stuff online and always feel rushed when I can't do it from home, that's the whole point.

Burdock needs to be cut out of the paddock before it releases all it's nasty little seeds everywhere, Baby is already sporting a very cutting edge Burrhawk. Poppy is still not gaining weight like I want so I need to pick up a couple bags of grain for her, Probably triple crown. I think once she is worked more she will have better muscling, she is not super thin but I'm not happy with how she looks.

Date night tonight, making steak and have a ginourmous bottle of wine, we have kicked everyone else out of the house. Should be nice but I really should head out and get my stuff done.

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