Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There is a baby in there!

The baby has a heartbeat, which is pretty cool. Dr appointment went okay, got to have lots of poking around in my girly bits and so far everything is normal. Nurse midwives were nice but I felt slightly guilty about forgetting to use deodorant, I showered yesterday (and we have hot water again, yay!) but I rode yesterday afternoon and forgot to use deodorant this morning when I was rushing out the door, so I stank. Ultrasound in November, which I'm hoping Joe can come to,that would be sweet.

There are guys Joe knows from hockey picking up wood from the horse paddock, they really pissed me off when they first got here and while I am glad they are picking up wood, I wish they would go away. He gave me attitude when I pulled up and was told they were here for the wood and I said he would have to wait until I got the horses sorted out.

I really dislike riding gaited horses, does that make me weird? I took HiT out on the two mile loop yesterday, she was excellent. She is so out of shape though and really can't handle much, I would say she a good 100 pounds overweight, All cresty and bulgy. Other then a couple spooks and not standing still for mounting she did fine for her first time out in ages. She doesn't look like a Tennessee Walker,she looks like a Morgan or Quarter cross but her gait is comfy I guess. Gaited horses are weird, everyone like them since they are smooth but give me a regular horse any day, I know how to post. With a gaited horse I feel like the back and front halves are totally disjointed and crooked and like there is a hinge right at the girth, I also feel behind the motion in a weird chair seat.

I am going to head out again with her this afternoon,  Since her owner primarily trail rides I want to make sure she is really confident. I think I will take Joy out after as she needs to be fitted up a bit, I finally got the Chambon so I am excited to try it on her and see if it makes a difference with her neck position. Gonna have to punch holes in it though first, she is so teensy.

Gosh, I need to do pilates and take a bath, my back is tight. ok horses first.

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