Wednesday, July 11, 2012

happy freezer dance.

I just got a freezer delivered, why is this exciting you ask?

because my freezer looks like this
Scary, huh
More space was much needed, especially since we are planning on raising Silver Fox meat rabbits this fall, Joe hunts, there is tons of veggies in the garden and I want to buy 1/2 a cow.

In other news Joe put up my new fencing, I ordered better rope from this place, I am very happy with it, Premier1 puts out very nice products and the rope I ordered was only slightly more expensive then the temporary stuff we were buying. I decided on this one, because it is very portable and we can take it with us when we move.

Pastures still look like poo, sooooooooo dry. I bought a sprinkler so I can start watering the front paddock and reseed it, the second paddock is the sacrifice paddock and the ones to the left and right and supposed to be my good grass ones but I am afraid to let them in there because the grass is so poor right now. One reason I wanted to water the font paddock is that is where I like to ride and I am concerned about the ground being so hard. It's supposed to rain this weekend, please do a rain dance for me.

Poppy is up for sale, gotten some interest but no sale yet. I am reminded how much I hate selling horses, not a good job for me. She is such a sweet girl.

well, I'm off to buy Popsicles!

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