Tuesday, July 02, 2013

How I learned to let it go.

Joy hates fly spray, anything in a spray bottle sets her off.

I'm supposed to be a horse trainer, right?

I've tried everything... Going slow, going fast, in a stall, outside, the "spray for ages with water until they get over it" thing.

She will not like it in a boat, she will not like it with a goat.

E.v.e.r.y. single time it is a struggle, she gets tense and dances around like a mad thing. I kept worrying how does that reflect on me? can't even fly spray my horse without a struggle.

Even though she has been sprayed frequently... every summer... of her life... Every year, I wait for her to get over it.

yeah, not gonna happen.

She simple doesn't like it. The way it feels, because you can spray next to her and it is all good.

And you know what, I can respect that. She doesn't like it, but she is such a good girl for all the crazy things I do with her. So this isn't a deal breaker and it's okay. And I bought one of these.

And learned to let it go.


Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

Sometimes that's what you have to do!

Equine Snob said...

Whisper (the Psycho Mare) was very not-fond of sprays. For several months. Then, I bought an aerosol fly spray. I've never seen a horse stand perfectly still so fast! She tolerates spray now. She LOVES the aerosol! Strangest thing I've ever seen!