Monday, October 28, 2013

on feed and whatnot

My posting has been sporadic lately, mainly because my toddler is a terror and I only have computer time is when he naps, which is a rare occurrence.

so what is new, I roached both horse's manes because of the mighty Burrhawk and lack of time to mess with it, manes grow and we are absolutely getting on the Burdock removal, early early next spring.

Joy has been doing really well, we've just been trail riding but she is forward and happy. I recently took her out for ride after 3 weeks off (I know, I'm lame) and she was so good and fun.

I am super excited by their diet, I had my hay analyzed by Equi Analytical (here) and figured out a mineral program to complement my hay (using FeedXl) I found out my hay was high in iron and relatively low in copper, zinc and manganese. The high iron inhibits absorption of these minerals and ideally you want to see them in a ratio of Iron:Copper -- 4:1; Copper:Zinc:Manganese -- 1:4:4. 
Calcium, Phosphorous and Magnesium are another important ratio and our area is low in Selenium.  

I ordered my minerals and vitamins through Horsetech and have been been giving copper, zinc, manganese, b vitamins, E and selenium, magnesium, kelp and salt. It sounds like a lot but you feed such a tiny amount of the minerals, I'm adding this to about 2 cups of rice bran and a little flax, I also add a teensy bit of oil to keep it from being dusty. The girls are getting alfalfa/grass hay and don't need the calories from grain, the rice bran is palatable enough that they eat it and mixing the supplements myself is so much cheaper and they are getting what they actually need.

Pretty cool.

Both ponies are hairy and muddy, "tis the season right?

Might be looking at another horse, I know, because I need another one right? supposedly solid citizen and all around good guy and I would love to have a second horse to take friends out on. Did a mention he is free? It's going to be another year before Baby is old enough to be really ridden, she is getting big though, or maybe Joy is teensy.

So that is us :)


Equine Snob said...

Oh, no! You really roached them!! ;)
I can't wait to see next spring's mohawks!!

Ruth Musolf said...

nothing wrong with a little roaching, mwahaha!

Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

Holy burrs! If my horse's mane had them like that I'd roach too.

Equine Snob said...

PS - I nominated you for the Sunshine award!!/2013/10/sunshine-award.html