Friday, January 10, 2014


Hi world!

It's been a cold couple of days what with the "Polar Vortex" and all. I'm used to snow and cold but -45 with windchill seems excessive to me. Of course that was the night the horses ran away from their cozy shelter (complete with roundbale) and went marauding the neighborhood at midnight.

Anywho I finally got Joy a better saddle, after months (literally) of stalking, I found a wide Lovatt and Ricketts, within my tiny budget, with a seller who would ship to the US. It's an APD (All Purpose Dressage) saddle so I can use it for jumping for now. Happy Yule to me!

The fit is pretty good, still a little forward slippage but not bad.

 I'm still looking at anatomical girths like this one from Cotswoldsport. Of course if money was no object I would get a pad like this one from EcoGold and a cool girth like the Fairfax ones. Of course if money was no object I could have gotten a custom saddle, lol. Of course when you get one horsey thing that is awesome you want to get all the other cool things to go with it, why are we horsey girls never satisfied?

She looks so impressed to be riding in a snowstorm!
Hope everyone is staying warm!

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