Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Since today I seem to be really accomplished at drinking coffee and reading blogs. I thought I would update my blog! amazing. Spring has sprung here (yay) cold night but no snow (yay) and the daytime temps are up, horses are now in the back part of the pasture so I can clean up Joy's amazing poop mountain and continue dejunking (part of horse paddock was in a previous life where the farm stuff went to die, so stuff like tyres occasionally surface) The pleasures of having horses at home, I also need more hay, grow! stupid grass grow.

Ponehs are shedding like mad, especially the baby, Joy has been shedding for like a month. Joy is looking good but baby is a little thinner then I like and has really dry skin so she is going to be getting some Glanzen Complete , I am thinking because she had such a big parasite load in the beginning that she can really benefit from the extra vitamins and minerals. Dani is also going to be getting some new feed since she is a picky beast and dislikes the Dumor Mare and Foal (it was on sale at work) I am trying her on Triple Crown Growth next I think. Joy is certain Dani's baby food is the tastiest thing ever and I have caught her laying down and stretching under the fence in order to steal some, Joy doesn't realize that sweet feed is like rocket fuel and I don't enjoy a bitchy mare who. spooks. at. absolutely. everything.

Took Joy out for a trail ride Saturday, she was good although I was less then amused by my human companions... I rode her bareback day before yesterday and after a little complaining she accepted contact and carried herself nicely, there might be some hope!

My dear, long suffering and understanding husband wants to put plants in my field, this is an issue. But he is going to build me proper jumps, wheeeeeeeeeeee........... so all is forgiven.

J: you can plant flowers here

Me: that would be nice

J: We used to have a garden there, on that flat spot, nice fertile soil.

Me: you mean my arena?

J: yeah.

Me: noooooooo, mine, my arena, mine.

J: we could just peel the fence back a bit and you would still have that part

Me: you mean the hilly part and the wood pile?

J: yeah

Me: no fucking way, mine mine mine mine

So instead maybe I will plant a garden next the fence, where Joy will reach under the fence like a ninja and eat everything.

Now I am going to get dressed, pretend to be an adult and get some shit done. Like brush the horses for the millionth time, and apparently have horse hair for lunch because the stuff is insidious.

I went to take pictures of Ninja Joy for hilarity purposes, to my disappointment she stood there and ate her alfalfa cubes sedately like a good girl instead of being a Sweet Feed Ninja. Bitch.

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