Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Baby Horse,

While I understand that being selective about the food one eats can be an useful survival mechanism in the wild, please understand you are not in the wild. I am not planning on poisoning you however I may be tempted to hit you with a grain bucket if you don't eat your lovely dinner. Honestly there is a handful of new food mixed in with the old food, You are not that fond of old food which is why I bought you nice, expensive new food. You need more weight so please eat your fucking food, because I know you will like new food when you stop being suspicious about it, Because you do this with every food I introduce, It is a wonder you weren't suspicious of your Dam's milk and starved as a teensy and (probably) picky baby.
Standing by the gate and waiting for me to bring you different food won't help, Not giving you hay or dinner noms until you eat your fricken grain.

Love, The Food Lady.

So Dancer has been in the other half of the pasture since 8:20 and it is almost 10:23 and I still haven't done chores because someones stupid poneh is Highly Offended that I changed her grain, slightly. She did this when I started her on beet pulp, oats, alfalfa pellets and the Durmor Mare and Foal, Dani stopped eating the Mare and Foal for two days because I added some oats to it, true story. I was hoping she wouldn't notice the addition of Triple Crown Growth because (a) I fed her a little by hand and she seemed to like it and (b) I added a very small amount. She dosne't like the Mare and Foal much so I have been having to mix in a little Rice Bran oil, Growth is supposed to be highly palatable but isn't gonna help her put on weight if she doesn't eat the stupid stuff.

Joy is fat and funny shape, here is Joy in a western saddle which doesn't fit, doesn't she look pleased?

After I get her more fit I am going to have a saddle fitter come out and figure out what saddle will work on her, since my Collegiate Dressage is doing the sliding onto her shoulders thing that ever saddle known to mankind seems to do*sniffle*, I think her back is funny. But there has to be a saddle out there that will be comfy for her that doesn't cost $100,000,000,000,000,000.75 right? Thinking a dressage one since I won't be jumping anything over three or four feet, I think I can manage lower level eventing in a dressage saddle and two saddles are kinda out of the budget for this year anyhow.

Hmmm.... off to feed and get stuff ready for the tack sale this weekend.

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