Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Micro Buns are doing great, got 7-9 ml of goat's milk into each one this morning, the little white one is so comical, he saw me and started squeaking to be fed! I have never heard a bunny make that noise before it was so funny. He also gets really into nursing and will bounce up and down until he gets plugged in. Four out of six are good nursers, the other two have to be coerced into it. I have also seen them eating hay so that is a good sign as well. I'll try and get Joe to take some pictures of me feeding doing the evening feed, they are getting faster to feed and it only takes 45 minutes instead of over an hour.

It has been rainy here, or super windy so I haven't ridden in a bit. Planning on heading out this afternoon but I think we are in a sucker hole since it stopped raining but there are grey menacing clouds everywhere. Likely just go bareback so I don't get my tack drenched.

Since Joy got a bellyache off the fresh grass I have been limiting her exposure to it, I would hate to see some founder. So they get half an hour on the good stuff right now and we will build it up later. Sunday was the first time she ever colicked and it was very stressful, She got left on the fresh pasture to long on Saturday when Rosie died.

I applied to a riding camp instructor position, still haven't heard back which is a bummer, I would enjoy that.

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