Friday, April 29, 2011

Hurray for proper Spring type days!

Today was beautiful out and Joy and I had a nice trail ride. Did some trail blazing through the brush and a lot of hill work, she was slightly sweaty but not a lot. Felt good just to out and moving, I am super tight in the back though, cantering was painful so I am gonna beg a massage tonight :) I got a vine wrapped around the back of my neck when I was ducking through so brush, damn near ripped me off Joy and I have a lovely rope burn (vine burn?) scrape on the back of my neck. Other then that went well her canter is getting much more consistent and balanced, which is exciting.

Buns are doing super, eating solid food and nursing well. My friend came over a few nights ago to help feed and that was fun, last night my stepson got in on the feeding action. You can't help but gush on how cute they are. I freaked out this morning because half of my right thumb is numb so I called my mom, According to my mom I have a numb thumb from feeding baby bunnies, apparently a nursing related stress injury. I think it is very funny.
Little beasts are now cute enough to take over the world.

Looking forward to a nice weekend, plans include riding, getting boys eyes checked, cleaning up the pasture (seems never ending!) celebrating Beltane and hanging out :)

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