Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do the baby chicken dance!

My chicks just came! I now have 87 chicks. Golden laced Wyandottes, Arucanas, and Black Australorps.  25 pullets and four roosters of each type.

Actually the hatchery got my phone number wrong (thankfully got the address right) and someone from the post office stopped by my house! I could have hugged him, I was so thankful. Babies are settling in well and seem bright and perky. Luckily we got everything set last night, I whitewashed the interior and Joe patched up the holes in the coop, Joe and his dad also got the power cord hooked up for the light. I meant to do more yesterday but was hugely depressed and sad for some reason, not entirely sure why.

For whatever reason I am super paranoid that I am going to kill them, I don't know why but it is freaking me out. I have cared for enough chicks but I guess this is my first batch entirely on my own and I am worried about it.

I just took some pictures and since I am a good blogger I share them with you, my people, People I assume read my blog since you visit it, mostly from FiSH.

 Baby chicks in all their chickness

Hai Food Lady, are you gonna give us tasty noms?

The lilac tree in the rain, dunno what the weird blur is.
There is a huge thunderstorm going on right now, really loud, My sweet black dog Sadie is hiding under the computer desk, shaking! as she hates storms and Emma is under my pink chair, storms don't bother her she just likes to den.

My friend took little grey home last night, His name is going to be Vincent and he is living in their spare room. I am happy, he is going to be a great house bunny since he is calm, sweet and curious, and he will be well loved. I am all "awwwww my babies are growed up!" I need to advertise the rest as they are all eating well and ready to be someone's pet.

Off to check chickies again.


figmentofcogitation said...

Ruthie, I know nothing about raising chickens. Is 87 chicks a lot at one time? Or did you get so many in case of, um, attrition?

The buns increase in cuteness daily, as babies tend to do.


Dangerbunny said...

Yes, 87 is a lot! they grow quick though and don't stay cute for long. Not going to keeping all though it started out being a just a couple for a home flock but then my FiL's incubator failed so he wanted some and we decided to get extra to sell as pullets as a way to cover our flock expenses, then my husband decided he really wanted the Australorps last minute and we ended up with 87!

The babies are dangerously cute, and remarkably sweet, I want to keep them alllllllllllllll!