Tuesday, May 24, 2011

oh, Hai?

It is sunny today but might only be nice for ten minutes, apparently I am using that ten minutes to update my bloggy. I was looking at my blog stats and I got 150 views last month, don't seem like a lot but I am pretty sure that there is more then just me reading this and that's cool, especially since I am interwebz challenged and am not entirely sure how to work this thing. Also apparently someone googled "slave duties" and found my blog, I think that is very very very funny, especially since I would make a bad slave since I chafe at authority and get bored easily.

I am horse and chicken sitting for a neighbor right now and it made me think a lot about set up, I have visited old farmsteads and historical sites and was always impressed with the amount of planning that went into where everything was. Even at more recent farms most will have an excellent and easy to use layout. That is super important especially when you have a limited amount of time and lots of things to do, you don't want to be fighting with distance and giving yourself extra work.

We have it pretty easy right now, bunnies food is next to cages and I always have a water bucket there to fill up water bottles, I store the food in big plastic bins to keep the coon out. Horses are mostly on pasture but I have their "grain" next to where I keep the supplements and buckets, so that just takes a minute, in the winter I had round bales stored in front of the barn so I could fix their "grain" and toss a section of hay into a wheelbarrow and just make one trip. Even if you are working with a less then optimum situation, you can still do things to save time such as having several buckets at proper locations so you don't have to wander around looking for one so you can fill the chicken's water or make two trips all the way across the farm with the horse's grain (can you tell what I did this morning?) as far as I can figure neighbor doesn't actually own any buckets, I think that is really weird, I have like ten of different sizes and colours.

I am setting up the chicken coop and am trying to figure out the easiest way to put it together, actually right now I am eating frozen berries, drinking coffee and fucking off on the internet but I am thinking about setting up a chicken coop, yup thats is how that works, thinking.

Any who, I bleached all the feeders yesterday and just need to set the lamp up. I also got some pelleted horse bedding which I basically use for everything because I love it's super absorbancy and happy pine scent. Equine Fresh makes a superior kitty litter (at a fraction of the cost of other pelleted litters!) a wonderful place for baby bunnies to poo and if I can figure out how to put it in the12 year old's room my house will smell even fresher!

I am kind of regretting getting chickens now that the coop is cleaned out, now it is clean I realize it would make an amazing bunny house! I don't know why I didn't realize before I ordered 87 chicks and now they are on their way I can't evict them, who would do that to innocent baby peepers? But it would have made a sweet bunny room. and I could have kept all my babies.....


Yet another picture of Joy grazing, she does this a lot.
Today's exciting adventures include trimming bunny nails and painting sheds. Absolutely riding Joy, sorta want to ride to the river and I wish I could con more fun people into riding with me, I think I should try blackmail and/or paying someone to be my trail friend. I just found out that event I wanted Joy to debut at is on the same weekend as our big family and friends who are driving ten hours to see us day, I am actually really depressed about it since the next closest event is going to be like two hours away or the one I helped at last week with the monster big cross country course. I don't know what to do but maybe build a time machine or clone myself. I plan on still riding and conditioning Joy like I am going to it though because we both need the work.


quirkyburgundy said...

Blackmail. Oh, absolutely. I'd ride with you, but I'm not sure Doggles is up to my weight....though he ISpretty good at bouncing:)

Dangerbunny said...

Probably not going to work, he is a little small for you, I know! I need another horse! "really Joe, It's for Melissa!