Friday, May 13, 2011


Wah it is hot, like 80 degrees and muggy, I know I was just whining about it being to freaking cold, but this warm in May seems excessive, I may have to start getting up early to ride (haha) Although today
I had to get up extra early because male offspring missed his bus, then later needed a pickup because he was dying of some mystery illness. I had to do lots of errands today so am feeling kinda burnout on doing stuff, still going to ride tonight though and need to get on it before Joe comes home.

Computers being screwy and not letting us access amazon or ebay without this weird phishing website that wants our credit info (and pin number!) to verify the account, not gonna happen. Unfortunately weird stuff seems to be happening with other sites like gmail as well, I'm considering performing a exorcism.

Babies are growing well, I ran out of goat's milk this morning and had to dilute it and they were not impressed. I think they took it personally. They will be ready for new homes after the 22nd, I will miss them but not miss having to feed them all the time. I can't believe how quickly they have grown or how sassy they are getting. I took teensy grey boy and two of the whites into town with me today to visit my friend Melissa (she is going to be taking home teensy grey boy) didn't take into account how hot it was and the poor things got to hot on the way over so I sprinkled them with water, they were not impressed but it helped cool them down a little, I love how mellow they are with people handling them though.

Had a really productive ride on Joy on Tuesday, good conditioning trail ride with lots of canter up hills and working on keeping connection at the walk. Also started some in hand work on Wednesday and then rode bareback, She took to the in hand stuff fairly quickly, it's not much different then regular leading just changing the angle and keeping her body alined with mine. She is quite fun to ride bareback, really working on transitions and relaxation, which I think is hard for both of us. I tried the exercise that the dressage lady from Eventing University gave us, the basic ten steps walk to ten steps trot and back again, Joy got kind of bored (and so did I) but it seems to be helping with the rush into trot whenever I shorten the reins thing. It works best if I add some circles and halts, Also got a couple really excellent trot rein backs (trot to halt then back a couple steps and into trot) Need to work on cantering bareback,she gets quick behind and I get tight and bouncy, no fun!

Big plan today is putting in my arena, got lots of t-posts and tape for it. Starting to doubt my ability to draw a straight line though, so might enlist Joe to help since I seem incapable of making things square. I am really excited to have a solid, dedicated riding space though. I plan on working Baby a little, maybe a small amount of free lunging and some ground stuff, she is almost one! and going to be huge (well huger then Joy, not that it is hard ) Also gotta figure out my chick order, if I am indeed going to have chickies.

Oh and little brown dog ate the checkbook, maybe she thinks I spend to much money.

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