Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In which I get obessed with hedgehogs.

Because Hedgies have the best grumpy faces!

On our anniversary my husband called me from work and said he had almost bought me something I would have liked a lot, I then begged him to tell me (of course) I guess he had found a little petshop that had hedgies, he had researched care that morning and was going to bring the hedgie home.He ended up not doing it because the one they had left was unfriendly and they were expensive (over $200!) but there is nothing worse then someone saying they almost got you something awesome. It is unusual because I am the one who brings critters home, I also always get teased about being an animal collector. And that is why now I need a hedgehog.

Since we are thinking of getting a hedgehog (squeeee) I have been browsing the interwebz and I ran across this ad today

"Baby Hedgehogs"
"Will be ready for pick up in 4 weeks. I am not a breeder just purchased a pregnant female last month and got a huge surprise. Price is firm! dont like it try to find babies in Michigan......
sex is to be determined. Oh and I will not sell a male and female pair to anyone... "

I thought it was a weird ad so I wrote this:

"Hi, I am looking to add a hedgehog to my family, I just wanted to let you know you ad sounded rude.
There are quite a few baby hedgies in MI, most breeders price their stock from 100 to 200. The pet stores charge more but that is pet stores. Why would you sell a male and female to anyone when the animals are from the same litter?
I hope you find great homes for your babies.

then they wrote back

"I do apologize if my ad offends you. The facts are stated in plain English for the over abundance of retards that have access to the web. My prices are firm and if there is a great deal of baby hedgies in Michigan I suggest you email someone else for you new addition. "

So needless to say I don't want one of their hedgies, I just thought it was weird, and I have a blog so I can post it, I was tempted to write back that I would be finding one somewhere else because they sound like a douche waffle and they probably have sucky hedgies, but I think I am more mature then that. I'm actually planning on getting a nice one so I have potential to show or breed later if I want, the show quality ones aren't much more expensive then the pet ones.

Baby buns are getting big, nearly weaned. Overnight they decided the food bowl contained noms and not things to poop on. I love them soooooooo much but am very happy to drop the hand feeding down to once a day instead of twice. Took some pictures for the ad that turned out pretty cute, although they aren't going anywhere until I am completely sure they are weaned and their little tummies are going to be happy.

We got our chickie order in, by next week I should be the proud owner of a way to many Arucanas, Golden laced wyandottes and Black Australorps. I still have to figure out where we are going to brood them, hopefully will sell some extras on Craiglist to off set the cost of the flock.

Joy has had a couple days off since I felt like crap (thanks body!) she doesn't mind but has reverted to her wild horse ways, namely running around the paddock like a fool and getting extremely dirty, wait, she always does that! Even though it is raining today I still plan on riding, although my arena is not in yet, currently engaged in a heated battle over where it should go, sorry an arena is important then a garden. Due to my inability to put in posts in a straight line I may have to concede a small corner of my paddock but don't tell Joe I am willing to negotiate.

We have been finding lots of Morels, fun to look for them anyway and on Saturday I got a large amount of fancy teacups at a garage sale, for $1 each! very happy about that, also got a pair of amber and silver earrings for .50 and a good vacuum for $12. I love garage sales.

Lets see, what else. I have decided to do the sugarfree thing again to see if I feel any better, it is hard though I have such bad cravings today. My mum gave me a book though with recommendations and that is helpful. I have also decided to paint a couple of rooms in the house, of course once I decide on colours Joe will likely get a job offer and we will have to move but paint is cheap and it makes me happy. I am actually planning the paint colours with help of my Feng Shui book. Don't judge me. Apparently the Prosperity section is missing from our house, that's lame! Bathroom is going to be green but thats as far as I have gotten, really want to paint bedroom and do something in the kitchen as well.

Hmm... Lunch and then off to pick nettles.

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