Friday, May 06, 2011

Where we go from here.

I guess I have things more figured out then I think I do. I had a nice conversation yesterday with someone I met several months ago, just a genuinely nice person and she was really positive and encouraging with how my summer is shaping up. This made me realize several things, mostly I don't want to work somewhere else, I want to work horses. I have a perfect opportunity to give it a go here and I am wasting it because I am afraid.

I have decided on a regime to get both Joy and I more fit. For me I am going to either run or do Pilates everyday, even if I don't wanna, I'm hoping to have less soreness issues if I keep working the muscles. Joy is going to have a week that looks like
Lunging session  2x
Trail ride x 2
dressage/ring work x 2

Of course that doesn't mean I won't do my usual warm up trail ride thing or do a little ground work on the dressage days, this is just a goal for staying focused on what she needs to get fit. I am loving the idea of working on lunging and in hand work, makes so much sense to work on balance from the ground, especially since I primarily ride by myself and that way I can really see everything.

In other news Baby Horse had her first bath yesterday, I hoped it would help her shed better, it started off as a fiasco but we ended on a good note and I feel confident I can get her more excepting of baths in the future. I ended up tying her to the big wooden pole in the yard and she jumped around a lot, I kept calm and was slow and deliberate in my movement and watched her reactions. By the end though I could spray both sides without her moving (once she figured out I would give her a treat if she stood nicely, greedy girl) so that was a win. After I turned her out in the field afterwards she seemed highly offended she was wet and ran around like mad. Very funny!
Joy was more interested in grass then silly antics.

Silly baby

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