Thursday, May 05, 2011

I'm Famous! on the interweb that is.

Hurray for gorgeous weather! So going to enjoy riding today,

I just got a cool book about working horses on the ground, lunging, double lunging and advanced ground driving. So cool! It inspired me to lunge Joy last night and she was primarily good, she did hit her limit about half way through, get frustrated and take off at a mad canter around and around completely ignoring me. When she was younger I used to call it "getting her canter button stuck" since she will go around and around completely tuning you out, I used to get annoyed at her when I was free lunging her in the round pen because you could be standing there completely ignoring her and she would just whip around until she was drenched. It seems to happen when she gets frustrated or annoyed, she isn't the type of horse with huge amounts of patience and running her until she gets tired isn't a valid option since it gets her more and more wound up so it is much better to give her something else to focus on.

I guess it falls under the heading of preventing frustration before it happens, she can be wonderfully willing and obedient but if she feels overwhelmed or upset then she gets wound up, and chaos ensues. That is one of the primary reasons I try to train smarter and not harder, if I can head a temper tantrum off at the pass instead of pushing her past her point of endurance then it is a more useful and productive training session, I don't know why everyone doesn't train like that, it just makes sense. She doesn't like being off balance, I was asking her to do canter to trot transitions and she was having trouble getting her hind legs under her on the circle so she got mad and started trying to gallop and buck, I took her down to trot and then walk on a small circle until she calmed down and then we tried it again for a short distance and she was fine.

Joy has been kinda cranky lately, she is out of shape and I am slowly working on getting her fit. She has a small abscessy bump on her chin. Apparently this is the spring to get weird injuries and bumps, I would like to be done with that now, kthnxbai

So basically first I have to drive into town and buy dog food, not really excited about it, I would say on a scale of one to ten my motivation is about three, three is a nice number. I do love my dogs though and I guess I will buy them sustenance.

In other news I am famous! a posting on bunny rearing that I put on the horse forum to help people who were finding sad wild babies is now on it's own website on Angora Rabbits, how cool is that!
You can read it in all its glory here: Dangerbunnygirl's Guide to Raising Orphan Rabbits The site looks like it will be pretty awesome too and twenty people have read it, although maybe just twenty people who feel sorry for me but still twenty! I'll take what I can get, even if it's a pity read.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) most of the babies are looking to be males, so if I am going to keep more then Miss Siamese (the lone girl) Joe is going to have to make more cages since the boys will not generally live together happily. I was hoping one of the three whites would be a girl, I have one white (Violet) from the last litter and while she is nice she seems to have more of a cottony fiber then I was aiming for. I really loved Rosie's wool and was really hoping for one of the babies to be female with similar fur. I guess if one of the white boys has kickass fur then maybe I will have him neutered and keep him with Cadbury (my brown male from last litter with great fur) I am going to need to start advertising some soon, I hate selling them, I get too attached! Little grey is going to one of my favorite people and he will have a wonderful life with her. I think the rest should be house buns with people who will love them.

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