Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I found a cute mare online today, Arab/Saddlebred cross, registered half arab, 15hh and three years old. I like her :)

I have been thinking about adding another horse to the herd, primairly to have another riding horse so I could go on trail rides with people (since Dancer is still a bit off from that!) A friend of mine is talking to me about taking her arab/quarter mare on a lease, which would be great since I have worked with the mare and really enjoy her.

But getting a project horse right now might be a good move, I have time ot work with one and it would be excellent to have a nice horse to sell in the spring (as long as I sell and don't just keep everyone because I love them) Plus I am really good at retraining and starting horses.

I think I will crunch the numbers and figure out basic costs before I commit, plus I should wait until Joe gets home or he will never leave me alone again.

Red Mare


Cranky red mare.

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