Saturday, June 04, 2011

I have a yearling!

I forgot to make a post about Dancer, she is now just over a year old.

The little filly I got last year as a companion for Joy is now a yearling, I missed her birthday so she gets her own blog post! She was a freebie, Arab, registered, and has a very sweet temperament. Overall I am very pleased with her, She had a huge parasite load when I got her and it took some time to get her healthy. But she is looking great now. She has a very interesting temperament, really calm and inquisitive.

Baby Dancer
Big girl Dancer

The Ladies


The big things to getting her gut healthy were a good rotational deworming with frequent fecal checks, probiotics, a good diet with appropriate vitamin/mineral supplementation.  I fed Triple Crown Growth when she needed extra calories this winter and she gets Glanzen Complete as a supplement, in addition to the kelp and herbs both the horses get. Her first fecal was positive 1200 Stongyles eggs per gram and 100 roundworm egg per gram! She mildly colicked and pooped worms out after her first dewoming, which was a half dose of pyrantel pamoate. I put her on monthly rotational deworming for the first six months with periodic fecal checks. I feel the addition of a good quality mineral supplement helped a lot as well.

Had a great trail ride on Joy  day before yesterday, she was little hot but we had a lot of fun. yesterday we were to busy visiting friends to ride. I will have plenty of time to ride this week though, hopefully the weather will stay good :)

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