Thursday, June 02, 2011

In which I post pictures of riding and helpful comments like "look up and stop making that stupid face"

Since I convinced my husband to take pictures last night of me riding in my new arena (don't get excited, it's just t-posts and tape, but it is weed whipped :) I have decided to start posting some pictures at the first of every month, for progress noting and critiquing.

It was a very nice ride, she was fairly relaxed and happy to work, despite the hay guy cutting in the back field and my diabolical plan to keep Baby Horse out of the arena failing. Worked a lot on transitions,circles and balance, she feels stiff right now. It is great to feel her relax and soften though, a great exercise for her is the constant circle, where we put in a ten meter circle go on the track for a few strides and put another one in, and repeat. If I really work on keeping my outside rein steady and give with my inside, and add a few little half halts she will soften nicely.

Overall I am happy with the pictures, I know my weak areas and the things Joy needs to improve in. I am not happy with the position the saddle is putting me in though, I am going to try a different pad and see if that improves it, I really feel I just need to bite the bullet and get her professionally fitted.
happy with her here,she is moving forward nicely

My leg is to far forward and I need  bend in my elbows.

Look up! and close your fingers

I would like to see her shifting more weight on her hind

Canter, upper body to far forward.
And in case you were wondering this is what an explodey bottle looks like.

I swear my brain has fallen out, day before yesterday I put a bottle of water in the freezer to cool it down for drinking fast, night before last we heard a weird popping sound and I couldn't figure out what it was, I just opened the freezer to get a Popsicle and there are glass shards form the Perrier bottle all over the freezer. I wouldn't be so hard on myself except I have been doing this shit all week, I'll be lucky if I don't burn the house down. 
So this is us now
 And this was us last year about the same time
So definitely an improvement there.
Except I think I look pudgier, but at least I am not throwing away contact. But time to start running again and try to convince my metabolism to do something rather then crawl around. Although to be perfectly honest I haven't done much in the way of dedicated exercise in awhile, unless sex counts.

 Now I need to go find some breakfast,since I have been neglecting feeding myself in favor of my blog, also going to take some ibuprofen and vitamin c, since all that weed whipping yesterday killed my shoulders and my allergies are crazy.

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