Monday, June 20, 2011

Introducing the Mare without a name.

It has been a bit since I have updated, Mostly because the computer was being a pain, Joe fixed it and it is starting to be a pain again and I sincerely hope it is not because of my horse message board, sounds dumb but I would hate to give it up but our computer is picking something up despite the anti virus stuff.

Big news is, I bought Red Mare! Went to look at her on Thursday and really liked her so she came home with me. She is very sweet, pretty mover despite her feet being awful and very level headed despite having next to no work done with her.

Here is my new Red Mare, She is a three year old arab/saddlebred.

on her sale ad she made cranky face

But in person she is more like this

Her feet need work and she needs some groceries

Sometimes she looks like a saddlebred

but she is very cute

She seems to settling in well now although in the first two days she broke quite a lot of fence, She kept escaping at dusk, it was very odd since they would all get along fine during the day and in the evening she would go walkabout. I started stalling her in the evening and now she is staying home even when turned out all the time.

Still picking out a name, so far liking Poppy, Amber, Scarlett, Lucy and Ruby. Hard to choose, her registered name is terrible, "My Girl"

This weekend is going to be fairly crazy with having a bunch of company (including my mom and sister, yay!) coming to our house to celebrate Midsummers. I have a bunch of cleaning to do and work outside to accomplish, so might not get a chance to update as much as I would like. Hoping to do an event in the beginning of July so gotta work on conditioning Joy more (and feeding red mare up and working baby on the ground and fencing and weed whipping and)

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