Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mine is bigger then yours.

Long time, no bloggy.

Stuff has been busy, just had a big gathering at our place this past weekend, so great to see family and kindred but was very busy and somewhat stressful.

My guy bought me a truck! It was a super deal on a big ass truck. Now I will be styling at the horse shows.
told you it was huge.

Today I have been freaking out because it was the last day I could sign up for the horse trial at Cobblestone, they have a huge cross country course but are close so I decided to make it our official show debut. The paper work sucked to fill out and totally stressed me out, but I got it ready and done. So the second weekend of July should be a fun one!

Looks like Red Mare's name will be Poppy, I need to set my arena up again and start some lunging and ground driving with her. I'm headingout to try another saddle on Joy and maybe lunge a bit, was thinking of trail riding but the wind is crazy and I hate being in the woods when it is that breezy, not safe.

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