Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Getting excited

We have ride times for Cobblestone! I think they will be really good for us, dressage late morning and cross country in the early afternoon with stadium the next day in the early afternoon. It sucks to drive out twice but is so much cheaper then getting a stall. Plus Joy can relax at home afterwards and that will be better for her anyway.

I have to get the truck registered today, really should have gotten on that first thing this morning. But I was super sleepy and slept in. I also need to get new tires put on the beast, maybe tomorrow, Hoping to get a schooling session in with my friend's trainer in on Thursday but that hinges on if we got everything done early, it will be ready for Saturday..

I went on a trail ride yesterday with eventer friends, we went swimming in the river and then to Dairy Queen. The weather was perfect, great company and we all had lots of fun. There were tons of people at the launch point with canoes and floaty thingys so walking the horses to the river was good desensitizing. The horses were all really good and Joe built a chicken fence while we were gone :)

Joy has been getting a wet mouth when we ride now, recently started and it's surprising because she never used to. She is also connecting through the back and yielding to the bit way more then she used to. I rode her a couple days ago and was wondering why she felt on the forehand and then realized she was just stretching into contact like a good girl.

I also am borrowing a saddle that might work for jumping, it is a Wintec and still slides up a bit but she seemed to like it and it is way better then my Collegiate all purpose that pinches her shoulders.

I had better get to it, I have a list of errands a mile long.

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