Thursday, June 30, 2011

it is hot!

Worked Red Mare today, I think her name is Poppy, should start calling her that. I have been working on her feet and they look way better, still need improvement however. She does pretty well if I give her a bucket of grain and then file, she doesn't tie and I realized I need a better place to tie so I am going to try and set something up this weekend yesterday she went down on both knees when I was working on her feet because she tried to stomp at a fly, she was very puzzled how she got that way but didn't get upset, it was funny!. I lunged her today and worked on voice commands, I wish I had a proper round pen and could work on getting her to come to meat the end, she did well on the commands though, sorta over reactive and not sure where her body is which is normal because she is young.

Lunged Joy today with sidereins,she did beautifully, much more balanced and supple. She is really getting the submission to the bit concept. Still would like to see her shifting her weight onto her hindquarters and relaxing her back though, I guess it is all a process.I rode her on the trails yesterday, did the two mile loop. She started out kinda hot and distracted but by the end was going nicely, she certainly has a lot of stamina though.

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