Sunday, July 10, 2011

More horse trial stuff

Today was great!

This morning I picked up my friend to head back to Cobblestone, Joy was a pain to load again which is so disappointing because I really felt like we were over that, she was sooooooooooo good for awhile. My friend had stadium today and I had the option to ride stadium or try schooling cross country again. I decided to school, and I am so glad I did! I started at the beginning of the course and jumped the first two fences, she felt really good so I took her through and jumped the first 7.

Next we went by the scary water and watched another horse jump in and out for a bit and then I asked her to step in, she got all tense and I must work on not looking down at the scary thing. It was weird water being in a shaded hollow, not at all straightforward. But she walked in with some encouragement and in no time was trotting through comfortably. I went back to the trailer and got some water since it was another scorching day. She still felt good so I went to the startbox and counted down and did the whole course, Joy was fantastic! It was a perfect ride. Forward and energetic without being being tense or out of control. We had a nice canter throughout and she was looking for the jumps and enthusiastic about going over them.

I could have ridden stadium but instead schooled over the practice fences in the warmup and called it a day, we ended on a good note and both had a great time. I really enjoyed hanging out with eventing friends, everyone was so nice. I am definitely hooked!

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