Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My baby chicks are all growed up

I have learned I am very bad at taking pictures of chickens. Some of my chicken pictures turned out like this
Mob scene
And some turned out like this
awkward chicken foot
Only a few turned out like this
Pretty Black Australorp
We finally moved our birds out and can sell the surplus, I was hoping to have more Easter Eggers to sell but Joe loves them all. I got an ad posted and I guess we will see what happens. Had a hawk swoop down and snatch a hen, decapitated it and left it there, I am not happy about that, I dressed it out but there is hardly anything there so will probably let Sadie have it.

Took Miss Joy for a trail ride yesterday, she was a good girl but very forward and happy to be out. Her canter has improved so much this year, with all the trail riding up hills and jumping, I really feel like she is much more balanced now. But about halfway through I got really dizzy and was likely pushing it but I went home and took a nap so it balances out right? Still feeling not great and have been sick for over a week. Also got out to the feedstore yesterday and got to chat with a friend so that was nice.

Lots more to do today but seriously feeling the need to rest more now, so nap time happens.


figmentofcogitation said...

The problem seems to be more that chickens are not very good at modeling for photos.

quirkyburgundy said...

But I like the awkward chicken foot one. I always like photos that capture some sort of movement that isn't blurry.