Monday, August 15, 2011

slightly less sick.

I can breathe a little now and almost smell things, amazing! I have also done something besides sleep all day I also have slightly more energy which is a good thing. I got sooooo behind last week after being gone for four days and then getting sick for five.Horses have been severely neglected to the point where they are going feral and have spiky burr hair. I have some serious detangling and cookie feeding time ahead of me today. Joy has stopped coming to the fence when I throw the hay over, choosing instead to glare at me from a far, probably because she feels ignored, she is touchy like that. If Joy doesn't get enough attention/cookies/brushing and general adoration then she gets very aloof.

I really hope to ride today and work on getting poneh a bit fitter, I really want to take some lessons soon and would love to do another event but cashey money is really tight and will have to see what will work financially. Especially since I have to buy hay for the winter soon. I am going to work her like we will show again this summer and if it doesn't happen then she will at least be that much further in her fitness and training.

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