Wednesday, August 31, 2011

zoooooooooooooomy time

I rode Joy last night, took her out for a good fast ride.She is such a firecracker, like she gets her canter button stuck and is like "this is so much fun! can never stop! wheeeeeeeeee! stop leaning back and pulling on my mouth or I will buck! wheeeeeeeeeeee! I like zoomy time!"

in between the excited zooming we worked on walking instead of jigging when excited and stopping. She is listening nicely but I would like to see her relaxing her neck more, she get such a giraffe neck when excited. So definitely lots of ring work to continue correctly muscling is in the plan.

In other horsey news, I chopped all Baby Horses mane off, She had a bad burr problem and it made me sad. I am struggling with energy issues lately and every time I looked at her mane I had to go take a nap so instead of spending a million years detangling I figured she wasn't going anywhere anyway so I roached it, looks very sporty if I do say so myself.

Poppy (red mare) is gaining weight nicely, I have her on Triple crown Growth and some vitamins (since she is getting less then 5# a day) I need to put her on a hoof supplement since her feet still look like poo but I guess less like poo then they used to, I did put her on some extra copper since she was thrushy during the drought we had this summer. I have been ground driving her and hope to get on her a couple times this fall, she is fairly calm and really sweet. Ground driving is so great for teaching a nice whoa and turning.

Chicken people suck, so far I have sold one chicken to a really strange lady with the most annoying children in the world. I have had a couple calls from really excited people who fail to show up, I think chicken people might be flakier then horse people which is hard to believe, and scary.

Off to deal with clothes mountain and try not to take a nap

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quirkyburgundy said...

The flakier the animal, the flakier the people? Chickens aren't exactly known for their brain