Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cranky day

Tried to register Poppy, apparently would be $250. to change her name, which is a bummer since her registered name sucks. I can't find my folder with the registration papers anyway and the Arab horse association won't let me update my membership because my email isn't right or somesuch. I thought about registering her as  National Show horse but due to her age it would be $500. to do it, so I am annoyed with the whole thing.

Supposed to take HiT's owner out on a trailride today, she hasn't called back so I don't know if I should wait to ride her or just ride her while it isn't raining. It has been rainy rainy lately, HiT was not pleased about going out in the pouring rain yesterday. otherwise she is doing good, trailer loading reliably and riding nice on the trails.

Tried the Chambon on Joy on Sunday, was very cool, I see why you wouldn't want to use it on a horse that was prone to falling on the forehand since it definitely shifts the weight down and forward but it was super effective in encouraging my high headed mare to drop her neck and relax forward. I am going to try using it  every couple of days to improve her muscling on topline. Once HiT is gone I will have my arena space back, until then I have to be content with lunging and trailriding. Her neck really is her biggest conformation flaw since it is so upright, coupled with the Arabian desire to look at everything and go all flatback and all leg moving when excited.What she needs is steady dressage work so I guess it is a good thing that I am going to be grounded from jumping and galloping soon.

I found the most lovely looking TB gelding, he is gorgeous and I have to stop looking at him since I can't afford to buy another horse even though he is off the track and not super expensive. He looks like he would make a nice jumper. Problem with not being wealthy and into horses is you can't buy the super nice horses to make yourself look good, you have to ride a client's nice horse or buy a cheap prospect with potential and bring them along. I do wish I had the money for him though since it would be good for him to have the winter off to adjust to being a horse before light work next spring when I am back in the saddle. Being broke sucks.

Going to work Joy and Poppy after lunch and then make some jam unless I get a call from HiT's owner.

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