Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's overcast so I writes lots while eating Drunken Noodles.

Trail rode Joy, she was a good but a little hot since she hasn't been out in a few days due to weather and life.We cut through the woods and she was all "Now we canter fast and jump things"  it makes me sad that I am getting to be a less effective rider, mainly because when she would get strong before I would engage my core and sit up deep in the saddle this would make her shorten her frame and I could give a strong half half and no more run away pony. Now my belly is in the way, my balance is off and I just feel like I am bracing on her mouth.So I am seriously thinking about sticking to walking (with a little trot) trail rides especially after having my boobs go bounce bounce and baby go bounce bounce whenever we picked up any speed, it was uncomfortable.

Last night was so cold and windy that I had to put hay in the shelter or it would have all blown away! Today is chilly in that snow is coming way. I guess it is November so can't complain to much, we got more of a Autumn then I thought we would.

On a positive note, Joy seems to be doing well on the TC Senior, it is quite low starch and so far hasn't been making her weird. She isn't getting a lot however, only around a pound per day, honestly doesn't need a lot, we don't need a pudgy pony. Poppy has gained some weight which I am pleased about, she looks nice as does Baby. I hope Poppy puts on some more muscle when she is in work but since she is only three I am figuring she is still growing. Hoping to start her lightly under saddle next spring.

Good news is I am at 20 weeks and going for the ultrasound tomorrow, and Joe can come :) It was looking like he would miss it due to work but he is able to make it after all. I wouldn't have gone alone since my dear friend Melissa, would have braved getting up early to come with me even though she thinks babies are weird. I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday (who is really wonderful) and got to hear baby heartbeat, everything seems to be going well.

Surprisingly I don't mind being pregnant, by the end I will likely be huge and sick of being huge and waiting for baby. But right now things are good and I don't see why so many people make a huge deal about it. Yes, I am more sleepy, sometimes I don't feel good, there are parts that are really unpleasant and parts that are amazing. But I don't get why people complain about how horrible and inconvenient it is, especially when they got knocked up on purpose.

I haven't talked much about it on here (since I think it is tacky) but we have had friends living with us for the past four months and they have to move out soon or I will lose my mind. I had a little breakdown two weeks ago and told them they have to move out by this coming weekend, I hope for the sake of the friendship they are taking me seriously.  They are "looking" for a house and I feel I have been very patient but we don't have room for three extra people. I resent being expected to take care of the household chores and cooking for everyone, I also take issue with them being really messy and not helping out with the bills. I miss having privacy, space and the messy being my messy. So until they are gone I have been refusing to do any cleaning (except occasionally dishes) the house is totally trashed and I am just going to try to ignore it until they go away.

anyway enough bitching, got thing to do, like play with Luna :)

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