Monday, November 14, 2011

Exciting update, or not.

Last week was busy, But overall good.

I got my ultrasound done, Joe got to come with, everything looks good and it was completely amazing to see my baby.
Hi Baby
we also got our first egg! and we are now getting one or two a day, yesterday I made breakfast with eggs from our chickens, it tasted great!
Yes, it is green.
we got our house back, don't have a picture for it but imagine a cleaner house with a really smiley Me. Everyone is much more relaxed, including the critters, and we spent a lot of time this weekend tidying up and making things feel like home again.

I'm feeling much more excited about cooking, actually made cookies on Saturday and I have a yen to make lemon poppyseed muffins, must be the rainy day. I have been more hungry lately and trying hard to eat sufficient amounts of good food, which is harder then it sounds since I have several food allergies (wheat, dairy) and tend to forget to eat regularly. Totally craving sugar lately but that seems to be assuaged by large amounts of fruit.

Poor Sadie is freaking out over the thunder that has decided to accompany the rain, good thing I got my outdoor chores done earlier today. Ponehs are going to be covered in mud again, I guess it is the season. Not feeling motivated today, but rather sleepy and lazy. I do need to go to the grocery store and library though, I suppose I have had enough slacking off.

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