Friday, November 04, 2011

November, really?

Getting on to winter, the feel in the air has changed.

Had a good Halloween, went to a party as The Green Fairy, funnily enough the corset didn't fit three day later so my timing was good. The picture was taken at 1am, so I am more then a little faded but my makeup looked really good.

We are heading up to the bridge tomorrow to visit with family and friends who are driving down from the Upper Peninsula. Should be fun, going to be camping at a friend's cabin in the woods, I am so excited to see my mom and sister. Joe is heading out for work next week and it might be just me and the critters, which is ok but I will miss him. He will be missing the ultrasound as well which really bums me out.

Ponehs are getting fuzzy, Joy is pretty fat. I should take some recent pictures. I put Baby and Poppy on Triple Crown Lite which they seem to like, Joy is getting TC Senior since it lower in starch and I need to wait and see how she does on it. Just been trailriding lately, which is relaxing but I feel a little guilty since I am not working on anything special, but then I go "oh yeah, I'm pregnant and this is just fine"  I do need to improve her "dressage under distraction" before next show season though.

I need to go to bed, we are going to have an early start tomorrow.
So not the most exciting post ever.

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