Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I thought I was done with the sleepies

soooooooooooooo tired today,  I have stuff to do I just want to sleep allllllll day.My friend came over today to poke the hedgie and brought me the most amazing Jolly Rancher Popsicles,  They are gone and I have exceeded my sugar intake for like the week.

Woke up this morning and took Sadie out,  got the exciting surprise of finding baby horse munching grass by the barn, she was all "hey, I found noms and more burrs, I iz kyooot" The other two were not fazed and still inside the fence hanging out. A deer took down a strand on the back fence that I had to fix, bleh.

So I had to cheer myself up by buying makeup samples off of Geek Chic Cosmetics, I tried to buy eyeshadow colours I actually will wear (browns and greens mostly) but am mostly hoping to find some new foundation that doesn't look weird or make me break out. Maybe I'll get all inspired and post a review, although I have yet to post a review on any of the horse stuff that I keep meaning to write about, so don't bet on it.

 People are gone for the week and it so lovely and peaceful. I actually want to make something complicated for dinner (like Quiche and Scalloped Potatoes) and I have cleaned the house slightly. Amazing.

Looking at changing Baby and Poppy off of Triple Crown Growth and onto something different, soon as I stop buying hedgehogs and spending all my money on stuff for the beastie.  So doing the comparison thing, likely stick with Triple Crown as I have been happiest with their feeds, nice to feed something and see a difference! I might do TC Lite since I am a fan of feeding less grain but if I am getting Glanzen Complete for Joy maybe I should do smaller amounts of grain for those two and put them on that as well. I wish Joy didn't turn into a nutcase on grain and I could feed them all the same. I have no desire to keep experimenting, honestly if she was a bitch on oats then I figure she will be a bitch on anything.

I wish I had an indoor since the footing has been terrible but I am excepting the fact that Joy is going to be worked more lightly then I would like for the next couple months, I'm pregnant and won't take stupid risks, I also just don't have the energy and muscle strength to really push myself. I don't think she minds being a wooly yak pasture puff though. I'm so pleased Joe has volunteered to do baby duty at shows or lessons so that I can get her out to compete a little next summer.

I need to cut down on the number of Angora bunnies I have, I keep getting behind in the trimming/brushing schedule and loosing good fur. I plan on learning to spin this winter though and will hopefully get through my bags of stored rabbit fur.

Might have to breakout last year's Halloween costume since I just found out yesterday that we have been invited to a party this weekend. Last year I was a Green (Absinthe) Fairy and looked awesome, I got to wear it to my bestie's wedding. This year I am larger in the boob and tum area so will have to see how much I can loosen the corset.
we are so flippin cute.

Starting to feel the baby move, which is super super cool. I have my ultrasound November 11th,  will be awesome to see the little critter.

gonna go cook :)

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