Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Going Home!

I have lost my ability to multitask, gonna blame being slightly sick on my wandering around the house wondering what the hell I am doing, But I don't think the excuse holds.

Heading UP north for a long weekend, sooooo excited to see family and friends. Time always goes by to quickly though. We have lots of fun stuff planned so I just need to keep convincing Joe I am not to sick to go and the weather isn't awful, he hates traveling this time of year.

Got the critters sorted out, Melissa took Sadie home and I'm all bummed over it, really think I am doggie codependent, Sadie will have fun though. I might have overdid getting ready a little with moving stuff around, my back is sore from sleeping on it weird and my tummy muscles were much happier with me before I dragged the rest of the roundbale out for the horses. Hopefully won't be super uncomfortable in the car, for ten hours.

Better go to bed!


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