Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I need a nap.

Joy says "hello?"

sideways but you can tell there is cuteness

One of the best things about being preggers is I don't feel lazy for staying in jammies all day since jammie pants are the one thing that is really comfy on my tum. Getting dressed does have it's advantages though since it makes it easier to  pretend I am not lazy and have done more then sleep in, eat breakfast, drink tea with a friend, feed ponehs and eat some pretzels. But I haven't so why pretend? I'm not lazy, I'm growing a person.

Got woken up at 7am by the hay guy who needed to get into the fields he is renting to spread some manure, apparently told Joe he would be out there but who knows. I am not my best after being woken up by someone banging on the door like the barn was on fire, but managed to not be a total  bitch (maybe?). He has some convoluted idea on rigging the pasture gate from two strands of electric with gate handles to something involving moving a fiberglass post to open up the whole line, I don't think he understands I need to divide pasture in half and be able to contain them in the whole thing so can't have just one gate. Still not quite sure why he can't open a gate handle attached to some electric wire but apparently it is a big fuckin deal. I told him Joe would help me this weekend to work something out since Joe is sensible.

Went to the doctors today, everything looks good, never thought I would be such a fan of "normal" but I love hearing that everything is where it is supposed to be.  Then I had to stop at the store since baby needs both ice cream and cookies. I feel huge but everyone keeps saying my bump is cute and tiny, to be truthful I am mostly worried about how fast I can get in shape for riding post baby, don't want to miss all the fun next summer.

Trying to figure out horse supplements stuff,  I'm going to try the free choice mineral thing and going to try the Grostrong minerals , I called a local(ish) feed store and for whatever reason they only had 50# bags and the price was double what is was from the manufacturer including shipping. Since I decided not to go with conventional grain and stick with beet pulp and rice bran, because the only one who does well on grain is Poppy and I don't like having to separate the three every feeding time, I am just not set up for it plus I like forage based feeding. I'll have to see if they eat the minerals free choice.

We are heading north next week to visit family, sooo excited! it does mean I have some work to do here this week though, to prepare. Being gone for a couple days doesn't seem like a big deal until you have critters, then you have to do a lot more planning.


figmentofcogitation said...

"Never thought I would be such a fan of 'normal' but I love hearing that everything is where it is supposed to be." Yep, that kind of normal is truly welcome. I'm so happy for you, it's almost silly. xoxo


quirkyburgundy said...

There is major cuteness:)