Tuesday, November 22, 2011

what a boring post

I need to get caught up on posting since I seem to be writing a little and then putting it aside and having to catch up later.

Yesterday was fun, I went clothes shopping with my friend Melissa, at this weird thrift store without changing rooms.There was lots of stuff and I managed to score some maternity type clothes that are cute (and mostly resisted the urge to buy cute stuff that will fit after baby) We also looked around an antiques mall at all the really cool things, and didn't buy anything because it was expensive. Then Melissa's car exploded and now she is sad. So since we are selling White Jeep to Melissa anyway it just hastened things, Joe has to fix alternator in the next three days and I have to clean jeep out.

I am so tired lately, I know it is totally normal since I am growing a person but I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I *should* do. I am trying to break it down to manageable pieces but I still feel like I am constantly getting behind. It's just all the little shit piling up too, makes me frustrated.

So I am going to go and try to do some stuff.

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quirkyburgundy said...

You know, I wouldn't exactly be opposed to helping with ponehs, bunnies, chickens, cat, dog, hedghog:) Just ask. When car gets all better, I should have extra time since I won't be hauling Jon to and fro anymore.