Friday, December 30, 2011

Rain go away!

I have an issue with the fact it is raining, in the end of December. Does that seem right to you?

Especially since we had some snow and cold weather which makes the footing terrible, so no riding for me. Without having an indoor arena I usually trail ride during the winter and with the footing so craptastic I am not willing to go out and risk Joy falling with me. She is very surefooted but even a careful horse can go down on ice and I'm wary of that.

I have lots of things I need to do but embarrassingly enough I only find it easy to do something if it directly relates to baby. Trimming bunnies is hard and I can put that off but hand sewing big quilt squares into a baby blanket is easy, I can do that all night. So I have to make myself do things like vacuum when what I want is to stay in my little dreamy world.

I am also really good at eating and sleeping. Sometimes I get all guilty feeling like I am inadequately feeding the baby or something, but then I have to feel okay about because I am actually eating and it's usually decent stuff. Maybe if we had a live in chef it would be perfectly balanced, organic meals instead of a can of soup, but I could be doing worse. I feel huge but according to people who have seen pregnant people before I am not that big.

In other news we go 12 eggs so far today! Well done ladies. Wondering if it has to do with the fact I didn't let them out until noon, hopefully they haven't been trying to save babies by laying them in random places in the barn. But it is good news since I want to make a Pavlova for tomorrow and Joe wanted me to make deviled eggs. So having a surplus of eggs is nice. I need to decide on the rest of the menu for tomorrow, Joe is not being any help and feeding people is hard.

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