Friday, January 20, 2012

sing the declutter song, or should it be a declutter dance?

Totally decided to do a declutter, I feel claustrophobic with the amount of stuff we don't use. Unfortunately I hate getting rid of stuff and always procrastinate on it. Part of the hard thing is I feel like I might need something and need to hold onto it because you can't always afford to buy another one, that's why I have more bits then bridles and a lot of glitter (you never know when you are going to need glitter). Joe and I also have a lot of hobbies and those take up space, in addition to the fact we have NO closets and a small living area it is no wonder the spare room is being taken over by baby stuff. Even though we have kept the baby stuff accumulation to a minimum and really just have what we need, thanks to some very generous friends and family and some lucky score thrift shopping.

So I am not going to be rigid with it and force myself to do "x" amount everyday, but it is something I am going to be working on, in addition to my information gathering expeditions online and in books. I am going to aim for getting rid of 100 things a month, but if I don't reach the goal I am okay with it, got other things going on you know... It's really important to me to have everything ready for Baby so I don't feel pressured to do anything beyond hanging out with Baby and adjusting to being a mommy. I don't want to feel like I have to rush off and figure out what detergent I need to use for washing cloth diapers in.

Horses are mad at me for making the weather cold, I decided to up their beet pulp but am adding in another feed rather then trying to overfill the bucket, amazing how much the pellets expand, with four cups of pellets I can still mix in the rice bran and supplements but if I add more then that the bucket overflows when the pellets are soaked. I wish we would get some proper snow, the ground is frozen very hard and since it was muddy before it froze, makes the paddock very icky to walk around in.

Baby has hiccups and I should go find some lunch.

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