Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tired me.

I am totally exhausted and completely need a bath. But I got bunny cages all cleaned out and trimmed all three horses hooves. I knew I basically had today and yesterday to get this stuff done since we were having nice weather with highs in the 40s, not bad for January. I am glad I got everything done but it totally kicked my ass.

Horses were good for trimming, sweet to see how much Joy brightened up when I took her out to mess with her, made me feel like a bad horse owner since she is only getting occasionally brushed right now. Baby horse stood well when she had food in front of her and Poppy was really good except for nipping at me once, she has some food aggression issues that need to be worked on. My belly is starting to get in the way so it was pretty important to get it done.

I generally don't mention that I do my own trimming, most people equate that with horrible horse care. I started when we were in West Virginia and I had the (highly recommended) local farrier trim her feet and he did a horrible job, I had assisted farriers before and had a good idea what a balanced hoof looked like, so I got a good file and did a ton of research. When Joy went back to Michigan with us I had the best farrier in the area come out and critique my work until I felt comfortable. I am doing a basic barefoot trim and so far Joy has always been sound, and the other two are looking good, Poppy's feet are looking pretty decent now, they were awful when I got her.

anyhow I take a bath, and soak my weary bones.

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