Friday, January 13, 2012

snow day with bunz

I never really thought I would be enthusiastically reading up on cloth diapering.

Anyway, was all social yesterday and today am all sleepy, it is snowing and I am thinking of drinking lots of tea and tidying up the house a bit. Was planning on trimming a couple bunnies today as well, several are due and a couple are overdue (uh oh I got some matting, bad bunny mom) Plus, Sadie needs a bath since she is stinky, just wish she wouldn't view it as a punishment since she seems to spend the rest of the day worrying about what she did to deserve the bath. The house will be invaded by smelly teenage boys who want to play poker tonight so I often have loads of time to myself on Friday nights.

Going to try and get Frost (grey) and Cadbury (light brown) done since they have the nicest fur right now, and do a damage control clip on Willow (grey), Fritz(white) and Ritz(white). The girls needs some evaluating, I need to decide who has fuzz worth keeping. Violet(white) is a really large bodied rabbit but her fur tends to be more English and tangle easier, since I don't have huge amounts of time to brush (and like to feed free choice hay) I tend to lose part of every clip to mats. Flora and Fauna have a neat colour (black and grey) but I haven't gotten much length out of either one and Fancy(white with grey points) is just so freaking cute.
Sadie and Fancy (when she was teensy)

Joy is such a princess, all three are wet and munching hay but she is the only one shivering, I would think since Poppy has less body fat or Baby horse since she is little would shiver but nope, it is always Joy. So she is wearing a blanket, spoiled beastie.

Going to stop writing about it and do it! but first eat a snack.

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