Thursday, February 16, 2012

fencing, baby and me.

Ponehs have been staying in mostly, I got the section of fence repaired and thought all was well until I tried letting them into the second paddock this morning (slightly drier in there, freakin mud!) and Little Horse and Joy were both out within minutes. So Joe gets to help me figure out the fence this weekend, I give up, they can stay in the front paddock and I will search for somewhat less muddy places to put down hay.

 Joy is being a spaz spaz spaz, spooking at invisble monsters and overreacting to e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. She got into grain during her Grand Wander About on Tuesday, I am not sure what it is about grain that turns into a monster but it is like having two different horses, total Jekyll and Hyde, one is high strung, over reactive, unfocused and quite frankly dangerous. The other is smart, notices everything, quick on her feet and fun. One vet I talked to thought she might be prone to ulcers and the grain irritated her stomach, especially since she has a similar reaction on antibiotics but no way of knowing  for sure without scoping her. Easiest right now to just to keep her on a high forage, low starch diet and avoid the crazies.

It has been kind of a baby-centric week, Monday was Tour the Birth Center Day, since Joe had to work (boo) my dear friend Melissa accompanied me. It turned out to be quite funny, we got lost trying to figure out where we were supposed to get in the stupid building, got sent to the 9th floor then got sent back to the 2nd, found the auditorium and giggled in the back through the powerpoint presentation, toured the Midwife Ghetto (honestly, it's totally set apart from the mainstream birth area, I guess so the nasty natural birthers don't upset the general population.) But the Ghetto is nice, lots of tubs to labor in which sounds wonderful as I adore baths. Then we went and ate yummy Thai food, baby likes Thai food, and strangely enough mushrooms.

Yesterday was my appointment with my Midwife, she is super cool. I ask "are you sure the baby is not freakishly large" and she assures me he is normal size, I go "but you'd tell me if he was freakishly large, right?" and she reassures me that she would tell me and says something nice about my measurements being all good. Just the kind of person you want around when you are worrying about everything. I have gotten kind of huge in the belly area, and feel a lot like sleeping all the time, grocery shopping was a lot of work. Also stopped by the fabric store and scored some nice brightly coloured flannel to make baby blanket, diaper wipes and general baby cleaners, they will be awesome and so much better then the wimpy swaddling blankets you can buy. (thanks for the idea Mom!)

I need to go be "productive" since all I have done so far today is eat yummy food, visit with Melissa and feed critters. I guess by "productive" I mean watch TrueBlood and make baby blankets, whatevs, it works.

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