Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Poneh hate.

I hate all the ponehs except the red one, the white one came when called so even though she was out I guess I don't hate her.

Try this again, I hate Little Horse.

She may look cute but is pure unadulterated evil.

Little horse realized yesterday that she could get out, so she was in and out all day yesterday, luckily when she gets out she just follows you like a big dog and demands cookies. I isolated where she was getting out (second paddock next to the barn) and closed the gate so all three were in the first paddock. Sometime early this morning Joy and Littlehorse decided escaping was awesome and busted through the gate so they could sneak out by the barn. I went out to check on them this morning and Poppy was all alone running around the field having a spazz. Joy did come to the front gate when I yelled so can't be to pissed at her.

So I went into the barn and cried for a bit, got the fence tester out and determined that the back half of the second paddock is getting no juice so now need to run up town, to get more wire and try replacing a few sections.

I so do not want to deal with this.

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Amna I. Mehmood said...

Aww..:[ Don't loose patience..everything'll be alright. :]