Monday, February 27, 2012

Here I am

This weekend was fun, I forced Joe to take me to the botanical gardens, and we drove by the hospital. I am positive he could have found the hospital since he is familiar with the area and has amazing sense of direction (especially compared to me, I can get lost in my own backyard sometimes, it's a gift) but it made me feel much more secure to know he knows exactly where we have to go when it is BABY TIME!

I love the conservatory, especially this time of year. There are three rooms with different types of plants and with two koi ponds. Such a relaxing place, if we lived closer I would go every day and just hang out. We also hit up the co-op and I got more figs (mmmmm) and some more amazing! best ever! fruit gummies which I then had to share :( Did some visiting Saturday night (made Joe happy) and had friends over to play cards and eat pizza on Sunday, which was nice.

I think I have a little cold, or we just did too much over the weekend and I am over tired. Definitely going to take it easy today and probably take a bath. My energy levels are so diminished right now, I have to work hard at making sure I am paying attention to myself.

There is much debate over Baby naming, I have a list of names I like but nothing really stands out as "IT" yet, which is funny since I really like naming critter, I thought picking a name would be simple.

Ponehs are good, although we just had another melt and the paddock is a mud pit again, this morning I had the added fun of trying to find dry ground to put hay on and a place where the hay wouldn't get blown away as it is very windy out. The ladies are now getting Mega-cell vitamins and everyone seem to eat it better then the grostong minerals. It is a pain though having to separate greedy mare from the other two every time I grain them, if we end up staying here I really want to add stalls in somewhere for ease of feeding.

Going to take a bath now and relax,

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