Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things you have to learn about pregnancy yourself

I wasn't prepared for:

How exhausted I would be even when it doesn't usually seem like anything is happening.

How much I would love the baby, even though I haven't met him yet.

Needing sooooooo much sleep, in the first trimester I was a narcoleptic napper and now I am in the third I am just tired all the time, and the closer I get to the end the worse it gets.

The food aversions (earlier) and heartburn (now), I didn't think food would be so much of an issue.

The permanent PMS-like emotional roller coaster, I can go from being "fine" to "want to eat your soul" type rage in seconds, likewise the cry on cue thing.

How my body would change, although that freaked me out more in the beginning when I just felt fat, now belly is rapidly growing to make room for baby and that's pretty cool.

How I would be excited about little baby clothes and socks, I have a thing about baby socks and shoes.(although not as bad as the girl in "The Price of Milk" movie)

How other people would think I am weird for being interested in home birth, cloth diapers, diaper free, breast feeding, co-sleeping and baby wearing. All those things seem pretty practical to me.

How long pregnancy is, I feel like I will be pregnant forever and ever.

How little I get done on a daily basis and I am mostly okay with it.

Chores taking twice as long now that I am so big!

The amount of support and love I need on a daily basis.

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