Wednesday, February 29, 2012

little update

It's amazing the amount of things I suddenly need to look up on the internet when I should be slogging around in the rain double checking the horse fencing is zapping properly, with this freezing rain they have to get into the big shelter..


Had my appointment with my midwife today (36 weeks, woot!) she said everything looks good, my measurements are good, heartbeat is good and but she called my baby skinny!

Well actually she said "Baby looks to be around 7, 7.5 pounds, I can feel his parts and he seems to be skinny and so likely won't be a gigantic 9 pounder."

SO not quite the same thing as scrawny, and most likely is just being reassuring since really big babies freak me out.

I also noticed that when she was using the little heartbeat detector thingy that the Baby's heartbeat followed mine, so it I breathed faster or tensed up then the Baby's beat quickened and I could slow it by breathing deep and relaxing. How cool is that?

I then had to go grocery shopping and it nearly did me in, everything took forever and I was completely exhausted, although I did score a ton of reduced for quick sale beef, which is so awesome since meat prices have been so high lately. My freezer is now stocked and I can make steak and mushrooms to my heart's content., well maybe not that much but at least five meals of it unless I want to start breaking out the roasts.

Will post new belly pics soon, I am huge!

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