Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I give up.

I'm either going to be pregnant forever or it's not really a baby in my belly, now I'm thinking it might be an over indulgence of jelly beans that likes to kick.

So tomorrow we will be at 42 weeks, I'm officially incapable of doing anything but sporadically feeding myself and doing chores twice a day. I'm also really good at laying on the coach and whining. I'm super cranky, over emotional and exhausted.

Plus my belly button looks scary.
The rest of me looks like this
double hawt.
whine whine whine

Why'd I want a baby anyway?


Mona Sterling said...

The fact that you're willing to do chores makes you super human. My kidlet didn't come out until 42 1/2 weeks and by week 42 I had given up everything except eating Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream and watching horrible reality television shows like Bringing Home Baby on TLC. I'll eat some spicy eggplant something or other in your honor tonight. :)

quirkyburgundy said...

Could have possibly gotten your conceived date messed up? Giving up is probably actually a really great idea. If you no longer care, baby will insist!

Dangerbunny said...

Mona- Please eat icky eggplant for me, lately I am watching a lot of "House" and "Dead like me" while eating frozen pudding. Chores are not that complicated, I'm hoping by continuing to do them I get a free pass for awhile after baby comes, if baby comes.

QB- I think I am just a slow cooker, I was two weeks late myself. and honestly when am I on time for anything?

Colleen said...

Aaaak! Your poor belly looks like it's going to 'splode! I love the attitudinous look in the other pic, though, like, "I'm hugely pregnant and going to explode now so get the f*ck away!" Does it help that we all love you desperately up here?

figmentofcogitation said...

Rumor has it that there really was a baby in there after all. Congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures when you get around to posting again.