Saturday, April 07, 2012

Amazing forever preggo

Yesterday was very exciting. No, I didn't have the Baby.

Melissa came over and we had tea and interesting conversation, that was nice. I had to go to Ann Arbor for my baby testing, they wanted to make sure (since I am at 41 weeks) that I didn't have a zombie baby or something, but as Melissa pointed out we did just fix the shed up so if it were a zombie baby we would have a place to keep it. (yes, I am aware there is something wrong with us) (like in "Shawn of the Dead")

So I drove to AA, and missed my exit.

Then I got lost :(

But I eventually found the hospital! :)

I apologized for being (only somewhat) late, went pee (that happens a lot) then got hooked up to beepy machine that measured baby heart beat, wiggles and any contractions I had. Then the nice nurse gave me some water and a big stack of magazines and I got to wait the forever (over half an hour!) while Baby did his thing and the computer recorded it. The nurse also did ultrasound on my tummy to measure fluid levels and everything looks good. I had the midwife check me and my cervix is 1 cm dilated! which means my cervix is amazing and I won't be pregnant forever. So happy I was able to work with the midwives instead of the traditional ob route, My midwife won't pressure me to induce, even if I go over 42 weeks (unlikely) and I can basically stay pregnant as long as Baby takes, barring any weird complications. Which is a huge relief because getting induced really freaks me out. It seems like all the horrible birth stories everyone suddenly wants to tell me about (what is wrong with people?) start out with induction followed by a million hours of horrible labor.

Anyway, after the appointment I wanted to go to the Co-op, so I took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong side of AA, during busy traffic time and it took forever. Got slightly lost but managed not to hit/get hit by any pedestrians or people badly parallel parking. Made it to the Co-op and got tasty noms, got some Thai food because baby and I were starving! Stopped by town on the way home for library and grocery store purposes, which was a mistake in hindsight since I was tired and in a very self indulgent mood, so of course I needed to buy popsicles and gluten free waffles, but wait we are out of maple syrup so I have to buy that and organic is only a dollar more, I like jelly beans.

Eventually I made it home and had a little sleep.

Today isn't nearly as exciting, just relaxing, getting a few chores done and defurring ponehs. Several times a day I get frustrated that I can't ride but after getting the go ahead to be pregnant forever I am much more optimistic that Baby will come out when he is ready. Being hugely pregnant is uncomfortable but not having any demands on you is also pretty cool. I am taking everyone's advice to sleep and relaxing a lot. Ponehs don't mind as long as they get cookies and brushing.

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figmentofcogitation said...

I'm so pleased that you won't be pressured into an induction. Baby time is different from ours -- probably because there are no calendars in there.